Naples International Airport - Capodichino

Consult this website for all the relevant information about the Duty Free Pick Up Points available in our stores at Naples International Airport. Pick Up Points are where you have to go to finalize and collect any order made through our Reserve & Collect service.

If you still don’t know about our Reserve & Collect service, we suggest you discover all the advantages travelers from all over the world already enjoy. Saving time and money on your shopping is now possible thanks to the online catalog found on this very website. Through this online catalog you can choose and reserve products from your favorite brands. Afterwards, you choose the Pick Up Point that best suits your trip itinerary and go there to collect your Reserve & Collect order up to two hours before your flight.

All the Pick Up Points can be found within our stores at the airport. In this case, Naples International Airport has one pick-up point located in the NAPLES Duty Free Shop. The store is located in the Departures terminal of the airport and has opening hours that extend from 6 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

If you have any problems with the pick up time of your Reserve and Collect order, know that all orders can be collected up to two hours before the departure of your flight. If you end up having any other issues with your pick up, our store employees are always available and happy to help. Don’t wait any longer and place your Reserve & Collect order through our online catalog!

Pickup Points (1)

Naples Duty Free Shop

Your goods will be ready for pick-up 2 hours before the departure of the flight.

You can also do additional shopping while in store.

Any questions? Find your answers in: How does the service work? and FAQs.